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ASH 2021 Presentation:

Aspacytarabine (BST-236) as Monotherapy is Safe, Well-tolerated and Effective for the Treatment of Adults with Newly Diagnosed Acute Myeloid Leukemia Unfit for Intensive Therapy. Results of a Phase 2 Study

ASH 2020 Presentation:

Durable Remissions and Increased Overall Survival in AML Patients Unfit for Standard Intensive Chemotherapy Achieved with High-Dose Aspacytarabine (BST-236) Induction and Consolidation

ASH 2021.png
KOLs speak of BST-236:
Aspacytarabine (BST-236) as a potential new frontline therapy option for patients with AML that are unfit for intensive chemotherapy
An AML Global Portal interview of Dr. Selina Luger during ASH 2019
AML Global interview ASH 2019.png
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